Bhupinder Sidhu
Bhupinder Sidhu

Bhupinder Sidhu


Bhupinder has worked with FTSE 250 businesses and start-ups across a number of sectors, he has successfully raised funding and established start-ups as recognized names in their industry, some of these leading to multi-million pound mergers. Bhupinder’s key area of expertise is business growth, business modelling, strategic management and operational delivery.

Graduating with Accountancy and Finance degree and joining his first start-up – BPS Teleperformance to help develop the business offering of outsourced contact centre services, the business was under £1m turnover in 1995 and by 2003 Bhupinder was managing his own division generating £16m from outsourcing, consultancy and training projects.

He joined Singlepoint, part of Caudwell Group to improve the business metrics ready for a sale. The remit was to achieve industry leading customer service KPIs, this was achieved through outsourcing contact centre services to a number of partners, after successfully delivering KPIs the business was sold for £405m to Vodafone. Bhupinder stayed within Caudwell group to launch a product to compete against BT in the home telephony market. This business acquired 430k customers in 3 years and was sold to Pipex for a £120m, delivering a 200% return to shareholders.

Bhupinder joined Homeserve to setup an account management function that aligned with the water industry culture and values to maximize affinity partner marketing opportunities, in 2 years the department was instrumental in contributing 88% of the companies £120m revenue.

After a period of consultancy and rejoining Teleperformance group he was headhunted into a role with Veraco in Cardiff, the remit was again to restructure the business for disposal, this was achieved in 14 months. Bhupinder was retained by the acquiring firm – Save Britain Money (SBM) – to integrate Veraco into its operations, after successfully completing this project he was retained again to relocate another acquisition – Billscutter – from Blackburn to Swansea. After successfully delivering a project to restructure a loss making business Bhupinder was invited to join the board of SBM in 2013 and set-up a business that would be the cornerstone of the organization, supplementing the many opportunistic ventures that were prevalent.

Having set-up SBM financial solutions in September 2013 and enduring a difficult period on the board of SBM group, he led a MBO to salvage the financial services business from administration. The business was rebranded to Precision Financial with large investment in people, processes and systems in year 1, delivering profit from year 2 and ultimately accumulating £50m of funds under management which were sold via Intrinsic Financial Solutions practice buy out scheme in year 3.