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Whether you’re collecting customer feedback, performing employee evaluations, or event planning, the first step toward an effective survey is to understand the basics of survey science.

Surveys are one of the most popular market research techniques and probably the simplest way to gather information for your business. Carried out correctly they can reduce costs, alleviate risk and provide insights into customers, staff and markets.

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Information is knowledge and this is priceless for a business, but it is important that you have the right type of information. So before carrying out your survey, you need to ascertain what you are looking for and what you want to achieve from the exercise.

Surveys take on even greater relevance in the current climate as businesses across all sectors begin to prepare for a gradual return to work.

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There will be many questions that you need to ask your customers such as: What are your expectations? How can we meet those expectations? And don’t forget your most valuable asset, your staff: How do they feel about returning to work? What are their concerns? How can you resolve them? Because if your team isn’t engaged, they won’t be able to deliver that excellent customer service your business built its reputation on.

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