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Facilities management covers a range of disciplines and services, with the right support you can ensure your premises are comfortable, safe and efficient places to work.

Facilities are often overlooked by business owners but by outsourcing the management to professionals, you can concentrate on running your business. Here at Business Butler, we have experts experienced in all types of facilities.

Facilities Services

There are numerous benefits for businesses that outsource such work. For example, landscaping and grounds maintenance can create a favourable impression on visitors to your company. It also helps efficiency because if your facilities are being managed there should be hardly any disruption to your daily work.

There is the obvious cost-saving benefit too and working in a pleasant and secure environment can have a positive effect on staff morale.

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Some of the facilities management we provide includes the following:

·      Commercial maintenance

·      Tradesmen

·      Heating and cooling

·      Pest control

·      Security

·      Cleaning

·      Landscaping

·      Sanitation


To find your Facilities Expert, you can either use our matching engine or complete the quick contact form and one of our experts will call you back. Please note that the initial consultation is free and without obligation.