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A property solicitor will handle all the legal aspects of buying or selling a property for you, they will keep you updated, and support you, in what can be a stressful process.

Commercial property law is complex and if you rent or own premises you may be open to legal liabilities and damaging costs. Choosing premises for your business is not necessarily as straight forward as you wish it were; it can be fraught with issues.

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The first decision to make is whether renting or buying is the best option for you. There are advantages and disadvantages to renting premises and you’ll need to decide whether you want a short-term lease, or long-term? A short-term lease offers greater flexibility, but you may prefer the stability of a long-term lease.

Purchasing freehold property gives you complete control but is a significant commitment that brings responsibilities and possible liabilities.

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All of our Legal Experts are fully qualified solicitors, so by securing their services you can avoid many of the risks and be prepared for any issues. There is always demand for commercial property so whether you want to buy, sell, lease or develop it, you'll need to speak to a specialist in this field.

Our Legal Experts can help you with all aspects of property law from negotiating property transactions to preparing documentation and much more.

To find your ideal Legal Expert specialising in property law, you can either use our matching engine or complete the quick contact form and one of our consultants will call you back. Please note that the initial consultation is free and without obligation.