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A patent is a form of Intellectual Property or IP as it is commonly known. They can go a lot further than just protecting a design. Patents can be taken out to protect a new invention, such as a machine or tool, and how it works. There are a few key qualifying points to note regrading patents. You can only get a patent to protect your invention if it is something that can be used or made, it is new, and not purely a modification to something that is already in existence.

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One product can be broken down and covered by multiple protections. For example; you can register a product’s name and logo as a trademark, protect the invention’s unique shape as a registered design, patent a unique part of the product you’ve invented and copyright all artwork for the product.

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In the UK, there are eight stages to applying for a patent – from ensuring what you have invented is new and hasn’t been invented before to completing your application form and getting it approved. Patents can be expensive and fees are charged along different stages of the process. Patience is a must because it can take as long as five years to reach the approval or refusal stage. Because it is such a complex and important process you definitely need the of an expert specialising in this niche area.

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