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Intellectual Property (IP)

Protecting your IP will not only protect your innovation but can enhance the market value of your business and generate income through the licensing or sale of protected products.

Intellectual property, or IP as it is more commonly known, can be one of the most valuable assets owned by a business. Every business has some form of IP and examples include trademarks, brands, designs, databases, copyrights, patents and trade secrets.

Intellectual Property (IP) Services

There are various reasons why IP can be so valuable. Registered designs and patents give their owners an advantage in their chosen market because they prevent competitors from launching similar products.

When a company holds the rights to a product's design they can provide their customers with a unique offering which means they can price those products appropriately. Additionally, a company’s profile and position as an innovative business can be raised. Design-only businesses receive precious income from allowing third parties to use the licence for their IP.

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IP is a complicated subject and when issues arise regarding alleged and actual IP rights infringements they can be expensive and time consuming to resolve. Our Legal Experts are fully qualified solicitors who specialise in IP and they can help you with any such issues.

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