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The importance of wellbeing, both professionally and personally should not be underestimated. Investing in this area can provide a wealth of benefits for the individual and the business.

Wellbeing has often been overlooked in the past and the emphasis has been on physical health. However, with an increase in the number of reported mental health issues, it is proven that the main risks affecting people’s health at work these days are psychological. This has led to a greater understanding and application of holistic health and wellbeing practices across all sectors.

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Research shows that by creating a healthy workplace environment which promotes contentment, both the business and employees can reap the rewards. Promoting and supporting wellbeing in the workplace can result in increased resilience, improved worker engagement and a reduction in absenteeism. All of this can lead to higher performance and increased productivity.

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Remote working brought on by the pandemic has resulted in a relatively new unhealthy working practice called presenteeism. This term is used to describe people working while unwell and although this was happening in physical workplaces, the numbers have escalated since the mass migration to working from home. 

Another unhealthy practice is ‘leavism’, this is when employees are working longer than their contracted hours or using annual leave to cover days when they are sick. It is imperative that both practices are eradicated from the working environment. With increased awareness, more employers are taking relevant action to reduce wellbeing issues which bodes well for a healthier future for everyone.

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