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Business protection insurance protects a company financially when its owners or employees are affected by illness or death, making sure the business survives in challenging times.

Business protection insurance is a range of insurance policies that have been designed specifically to protect businesses if and when certain people such as business owners or key employees die, are diagnosed with a critical illness or become unable to work due to disablement.

Protection Services

The insurance can be tailored to protect sole traders, shareholders, partnerships and employees depending on the needs of the business. A policy can insure more than one life and usually when a claim is made, the lump sum paid out goes to the business or remaining owners of that business.

There are four types of business protection insurance available:

Partnership / Shareholder Protection

This type of protection allows the remaining partners/shareholding directors to remain in control of the business following the death of a business owner.

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Relevant Life Insurance

Relevant life cover is a tax-efficient life insurance policy, allowing companies to offer a death-in-service benefit to its employees. It’s set up by the company and pays out a tax-free, lump sum on the death (or diagnosis of a terminal illness) of the person insured.

Key Person Insurance

Should a key person in a business die, there can be a devastating financial effect on the company. With key person insurance, you can help protect your business against the death, terminal or critical illness of a key person.

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