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Estate Planning

Estate planning is a vital task, it can help protect your assets, makes it easier for your loved ones to deal with your estate after your death, and can reduce the amount of inheritance tax owed.

On our Business Butler panel, we have a number of Estate Planning Experts who have extensive experience covering all aspects of this specialist sector. Our fully qualified experts can offer professional advice and provide bespoke services to meet your estate planning needs through a number of services that include:

Estate Planning Services

Will Writing

Writing a will is probably one of the most important documents you’ll ever complete and brings peace of mind to you and your loved ones. Our professional Will Writers can write a bespoke will that specifically takes into account all your wishes and needs.

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

An LPA authorises someone - your attorney - to manage your personal affairs including your property and finances in the event that you lose mental capacity and are unable to make decisions yourself.

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Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax is a tax on the estate of someone who has died and covers property, possessions and money. Inheritance tax can have a significant impact on the estate that you leave to your loved ones, yet some don’t find out about this tax liability until it’s too late.


Probate is the process of dealing with the estate of someone who has died and is the responsibility of the executors named in the will. These are usually relatives or friends and generally involves the payment of any outstanding debts and allocation of assets according to the will. 

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