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Commercial Mortgages

If you are considering investing in a property, expert advice can help to evaluate the range of commercial mortgage options on offer and identify the most suitable source of finance.

If you are looking at purchasing property or land for business, then unless you are very fortunate you will need to obtain a commercial mortgage. This may not occur during the startup phase of your business but is more than likely when your business has grown and evolved beyond its existing premises.

Commercial Mortgages Services

The decision to takeout a commercial mortgage can give business owners the security that they can’t get from renting while removing the threat of increasing rents or maintenance and management fees.

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Our Financial Experts can help find you the commercial mortgage that best meets your business and personal needs. The terms of the mortgage will vary according to the amount of deposit available and the size and value of the property. The length can vary from three years to 25 years, however, the average length is approximately 15 years.

Before you meet with a commercial mortgage advisor, you need to ensure that you have specific documents in order. These include recent bank, liability and asset statement records; performance figures (both current and projected); details of your partners and directors; and tax returns for at least three years.

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