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Megan Gibson-Jones

Business Consultant Expert

Megan Gibson-Jones, Business Consultant Expert
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As a talented and experienced business consultant, Megan enables business owners and CEOs to realise their true potential and achieve growth through a range of coaching, consulting and mentoring services. Megan provides a bespoke service that specifically meets the needs of each client to achieve optimum results.

Work Profile

Megan is a founding director of a very successful business consultancy firm called Seed to Oak. All too often, management are distracted by the day-to-day business, which makes finding time to develop, action and monitor strategic projects difficult. Sometimes they don't quite know the forward steps to take (e.g. if entering new markets or geographies), and sometimes they do, but barriers stop them from progressing.

Seed to Oak provide experience, resource and energy to support management teams in overcoming these barriers, so they can see the wood from the trees, focus on the important and realise their ambitions. Megan and her team offer coaching, consulting and mentoring for business leaders to support personal and business growth.

CEOs and leadership teams choose Seed to Oak to help them clarify their goals, prioritise activities and plan actions; in essence, to "see the wood from the trees."

Services provided include: leadership development; management consulting; business coaching; project management; strategic planning; and executive coaching. 

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