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A business strategy creates a vision and direction for the whole organisation, ensuring that all people within a business have clear goals and are following a shared mission.

A business without a strategy lacks direction and will fail sooner or later. With that in mind, it makes sense to work with a Strategy Consultant to ensure all the hard work and money you put into your business is not going to be in vain. Our Strategy Consultants have extensive experience from working with sole traders, SMEs and larger companies across a diverse range of sectors.

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As well as experienced business owners with established companies securing their services during challenging times, our Strategy Consultants are equally adept at working with startups.

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One of many important considerations for startups is to ensure that their strategy is achievable and if they get this right from the start then the odds of success increase greatly.

A Business Butler Strategy Consultant can advise owners and managers on existing business strategies as well as devise, develop and implement new ones. A strategist can cover all the main areas of a business and their advice and support can prove to be invaluable. 

To find your ideal Strategy Consultant, you can either use our matching engine or complete the quick contact form and one of our consultants will call you back. Please note that the initial consultation is free and without obligation.