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An Exit Strategy enables business owners to choose when they want to leave their business, for an amount of money they are happy with and to who they want to sell it to.

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When a founder launches their business there are so many aspects to focus on and usually not enough hours in the day to execute them. It is understandable that their energy should be spent on getting the business up and running and then scaling.

Alarmingly, less than 20% of business owners have written an exit strategy, regardless of the fact that everybody knows there will come a day when they leave their business, whether that is through retirement, incapacitation or death.

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Successful business owners plan ahead and think about their exit strategy from the first year they start trading, no matter how distant that date may seem in the early days of a startup. And for those that don’t, well according to research the number one regret for business owners is not planning their exit strategy sooner.

By not planning ahead many are stuck in a business that they desperately want to leave but cannot for financial reasons. Findings from a recent survey reveal that 75% of business owners would exit today if they could.

At Business Butler our Exit Strategy Consultants can help you and your family get the most out of the business you have strived so hard to establish and enable you to exit on your terms. For advice about your Exit Strategy, please click below.