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Cloud Telephony

Cloud based telephony is more cost effective and flexible than a traditional landline, it runs across your already installed internet connection saving money on your line rental.

More and more businesses are recognising the advantages that a virtually hosted telephone system provides and are switching to cloud-based telephony. Problems that arose with the traditional hardware-based telephony system could cost any business that did not have an in-house IT department, time and money.

Cloud Telephony Services

This is because the older phone system is located on-site and is dependent on hardware, so when it fails a technician has to physically visit the business to resolve the issue and often replace any faulty hardware.

That is just one of the reasons why upgrading telephone systems to the cloud is especially popular for small businesses. Any repairs are carried out remotely, which removes those expensive call-out fees.

With cloud-based telephony, all you need is a router, which means your business doesn’t have to spend money on any additional hardware as there is no on-site equipment that needs installing: the whole process is quick and easy. 

Also, calls between offices and sites are free, which can be another significant saving.

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When any issues arise, your provider should be able to resolve them quickly, resulting in minimum disruption to your business - this is important for all businesses, but more so for those that provide telephone support to their customers. Providing such an efficient service to your customers enhances your reputation and therefore your brand.

Cloud telephony provides you with full phone-system functionality wherever there's an internet connection, enabling you to offer a high quality service to your customers. It is a popular choice for startups because it can grow with your business: extensions can be added easily.

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