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The importance of creating a professional image in business

When starting your own business it is understandable that you are keen to launch as soon as possible. You’ve got a great business idea, you’ve got your mobile phone and you are ready to conquer the world. But hold on a minute. The world of business can be cut-throat and extremely competitive, so you want to make sure you start on the front foot and create a professional image from day one.

A website is a necessity

There is a school of thought among startups operating in certain sectors that websites are no longer needed these days but not having one can prove to be a big mistake. There are so many benefits from having a website for your business, including, it means your customers can find you, it’s free advertising, helps brand building, a website is your digital brochure, it allows you to compete globally and increases credibility. The last point regarding credibility is important, especially when launching a new business and trying to establish yourself in a sector. For customers to buy your product or service they need to be able to trust your business and a website is just one component of building trust.

A business phone number

Another key element of creating a professional image, while also building a credible and trustworthy brand is to have the latest telecoms package installed. You need to avoid solely using your mobile phone number as the main contact for your customers. You should have a landline number, not in the traditional meaning of the word but a business phone number with either a local STD code or an 03 or 08 prefix etc.

You may be surprised at the number of businesses that don’t include a phone number on their website. This is alarming when you consider that 47% of customers are more likely to buy from a website where a phone number is displayed. What’s more, the conversion rate is higher when a customer can speak with someone over the phone as opposed to a site where there is no contact number.

VoIP systems

Today’s modern telecoms packages such as a VoIP system can transform a sole trader’s business or startup into the most professional of businesses, elevating them to compete with their biggest, more established and resource rich competitors. A VoIP system enables calls over the internet and provides users with an array of features. These include an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu, which can either be pre-recorded or computer generated and assists, directs or routes calls, basically the role of a receptionist. Another feature is Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and this places callers in a queue until a member of staff is available to take the call. A VoIP system can also provide on hold music, ring groups, voicemail service, and a local number that you can answer on any IP system anywhere in the world. This greater flexibility is ideal for those out and about every day trying to grow their business. In essence you are receiving an enterprise level communications platform at an affordable price.

Perception is key

As shallow as it may seem, we tend to judge a book by its cover, so when faced with the choice of two businesses who offer the same product at the same price, we are more likely to choose the business that seems the most professional. In this example would you rather purchase from a company with the latest telecoms technology installed, or someone who uses his personal mobile to handle business calls? I know where I’d rather spend my money.

Having said that, there are specific scenarios where you may still wish to give your mobile number out to key clients. For example, if you provide consultancy services, then giving your mobile number to clients can build trust. But overall a traditional business number is highly recommended.

Professional email address

A business email address is a must to ensure your portray a professional image. A Gmail or Outlook address looks amateurish and sets off alarm bells for prospective customers who expect a professional email address if they were going to spend their hard earned money with you. 

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