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The importance of that first appointment

How businesses interact with customers will determine whether they are successful in developing long-term loyal relationships or lose them to their competitors. To ensure the former is the outcome it is vital that the customer journey is as seamless as possible and every touchpoint provides customers with a truly positive experience. In many cases, especially in the professional services arena, the first point of contact a prospective customer has with a business is when they make an appointment. Therefore, it is essential that the appointment making process is easy, quick and professional.

Saves time and money

With time being a precious commodity, customers are reluctant to be drawn into frustrating correspondence via emails or spend ages going around in circles when trying to get through to the right person just to book an appointment. Thankfully with the latest technology available these days they don’t have to. Let’s take at a look at the advantages an automated appointment scheduling system provides and then we’ll understand why so many businesses are investing in such tools.

Simple and efficient process

Making an appointment is quick and easy and with real-time availability the customer gains greater control over the process. They are not restricted in when they actually make the appointment and can do so anytime night or day, seven days a week. No longer do you have to escape from your busy work schedule and try and contact a business between the hours of nine and five from Monday to Friday only to be held in a phone queue for what seems like an eternity – this has to be one of the most frustrating customer experiences.

The real-time functionality of this type of platform means there is a calendar displayed on your website for customers to view, this means there is no chance of making a duplicate appointment, which could be a costly and embarrassing problem in the past. Essentially, the appointment booked is convenient for both parties and there is no need for the customer to wait patiently for days for a confirmation.

Ideal for sole traders and SMEs

An appointment booking platform is ideal for small business owners, startups or sole traders because it saves them money and frees up their time to focus on running their business. Many businesses may not have the resources to dedicate to a virtual assistant or secretary, so this is the perfect alternative. It also saves money for customers too who would usually pay for a phone call to make an appointment.

Customer acquisition

Another advantage is that by using appointment scheduling technology you are able to convey a professional image. Most systems provide a branded URL and calendar for your website and along with the functionality the platform provides, customers will be impressed by the whole process and more importantly your business. This leads to a customer trusting your business which is a key component of creating loyal customers who may stay with you for years.

Customer retention

You are less likely to lose customers because you’re providing a seamless, stress-free appointment making experience which they will be happy to use in the future. An added bonus is that satisfied colleagues will give your business rave reviews while recommending you to friends, family and colleagues – the best form of marketing.

Business Butler offers its experts the latest appointment booking software through the Cronofy platform, this gives them a competitive advantage over rivals who still use traditional booking methods.

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