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The Cyber Attack Landscape in 2023

The world of cyber security is a complex and everchanging as technology evolves. It is now a case of businesses and organisations of all sizes waiting to see WHEN they will be attacked instead of IF.

Here is a high-level explanation of the types of attacks that have become common practice.

1. Advanced malware: Malicious actors are becoming increasingly sophisticated in launching malware attacks, as evidenced by the attacks recently seen in the business world. Malware that targets systems and networks with advanced evasion techniques and fileless attacks will be a major cyber security threat in 2023.


2. Ransomware: Ransomware attacks have caused massive disruptions, ranging from data and financial loss to reputation damage. Cyber criminals are becoming more creative in the ransom techniques they use to extort money from businesses, and in 2023, ransomware attacks are expected to become even more sophisticated.

3. Supply chain attacks: Supply chain attacks will become even more complex and difficult to detect as global shipments become more interconnected. As supply chains become more interconnected, they create opportunities for cyber criminals to gain access to business data and systems.

4. Internet of Things (IoT) devices: IoT devices are becoming increasingly popular in the business world, as they offer numerous benefits such as cost reduction and increased efficiency. However, these devices can be exploited by cyber criminals and used to gain access to the entire IT infrastructure. Companies should be aware of the potential cyber security threats posed by IoT devices and ensure that they’re properly secured.

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI) attacks: AI has the potential to revolutionize the security landscape, but it can also be abused by malicious actors. AI can be used to launch sophisticated attacks that evade traditional security measures and cause significant damage. Businesses should be aware of potential AI-based attacks in 2023 and ensure that they are protected against them. 

The weakest point in any organisation , and the one most often targeted by the cyber criminals, are the people so awareness training and continuous audits are key in the ongoing fight against Cybercrime.

With 3000+ security products out there, great care should be taken when choosing the right ones in which to trust your assets especially those requiring expertise to implement, monitor and nurture in order to keep them updated and effective.

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