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Artificial Intelligence, clever thinking but embrace with caution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having a greater influence on everyday life as more and more industries seek innovative solutions to a myriad of problems. You may not be aware that as you travel, work, dine, shop and participate in a host of other leisure activities, behind the scenes AI is hard at work.

But what exactly is AI? Well without getting too complicated, AI can be defined as th...

Cloud Communications for the SME in 2021

In March 2020, the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic and overnight the whole of the UK made the abrupt shift to working from home as businesses and organisations quickly executed Business Continuity Plans (or in some cases had to evolve on the fly).

With a restriction on travel and the near blanket closure of shared office spaces, we have all had to adapt, and work be...

Looking professional in a video conference

This era of working from home (WFH) has seen millions of workers adapt to using new technology, resulting in video conferencing platforms seeing demand for their products escalate exponentially. Now, although we can’t, and probably don’t all want to look like Huw Edwards or Sophie Raworth, here are some tips on looking professional in a video conference from the confines of your home.


Technology for Working from Home

Times and technology have changed considerably in recent years and when you look back just 10 years ago homeworking was very different compared with today, even the term has changed to Working from Home (WFH).

The advancement in technology for working from home has made the transition from working from an office or other place of work almost seamless and despite the lockdown, it’s still b...

Is it time your business had live chat?

Time has always been a precious commodity in all walks of life and that seems even more relevant today in the ever-changing, fast moving, technological world of business.

Where products can be copied by rivals and sold to your target market for less than what you charge, you must be able to differentiate on service to be able to have any sort of competitive edge.

However, every succ...

Is Big Brother watching you?

One of the biggest banks in the UK recently hit the headlines for the wrong reason. Barclays had piloted a software system that monitored the amount of time that employees spent at their desks. Although Barclays has stopped using the pro...

How will 5G transform your business?

The eagerly awaited 5th generation technology (5G) began rolling out across the UK last year and there are already approximately 60 cities where it is currently available.

Many phrases have been used to describe the new 5G technology: super-fast, ultra-fast, uber-fast and lightning fast. OK, so it’s fast, but what does that mean?

The increase in speed that 5G brings means that ...