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Coworking, is it time you left home?

The excitement about launching your own start-up can be so overwhelming that many will opt to work from home without paying much thought to the concept of coworking. This is understandable when you consider the amount of work and time dedicated to planning and preparing your start-up for launch.

However, research suggests that many businesses outstay their home base which results in busin...

The Dawnus Collapse: What it means for SMEs

The recent collapse of Dawnus Construction Holdings has sparked calls for ministers to do more to protect small firms when large companies collapse.

Swansea based Dawnus Construction Holdings filed a notice to appoint an administrator and stopped work on all of its UK sites earlier in the year. The collapse means hundreds of staff face redundancy and the supply chain is du...

Swansea Learning Festival in Full Swing

Believers in the saying that “Knowledge is Power” will be happy to see Swansea Council’s Learning Festival has finally arrived.

Starting on April 1st and ending on April 6th, the Swansea learning Festival will be hosting workshops and lessons for people interested in learning a new craft, trade, or any type of activity being offered. According to the council’s website, the “areas of ...