Wales Start Up Awards 2020 announcement - a blog by Business Butler

The finalists for the Wales Start Up Awards 2020 have been announced…

Entrepreneurs and business owners don’t embark on their ventures with the aim of winning awards – definitely not. Their goals are obviously to grow and establish their businesses by increasing their market share and of course making a profit. And if they get nominated for an award along the way then that is merely the icing on the cake. Or is it?

Everybody loves winning

Don’t be fooled by any business owners who say they aren’t interested in awards because everyone in business loves to win. The pride and sense of achievement felt when you stand amongst your peers to receive an award is immense but it is the recognition for everything you have strived for that is more important than the actual shiny trophy or plaque.

With that in mind you can understand why entrepreneurs and new business owners from Fishguard in the west, across to Chepstow in the east and from Cardiff in the south, up to Wrexham in the north will have been waiting eagerly to see whether they had made the shortlist for the Wales Start Up Awards 2020.

Prestigious awards for start-ups

Although these awards have only been running for five years they have fast become one of the most prestigious accolades for start-ups. They are awarded exclusively to businesses that have been set up in the past three years and are to honour and celebrate the achievements of the best in the country.

Creator of the awards, Professor Dylan Jones-Evans, Assistant Pro-Vice Chancellor at the University of South Wales was pleasantly surprised by the high number of entries considering the economic crisis:

“ I would have expected that the Covid-19 pandemic would have resulted in fewer applications this year but the entrepreneurial community across Wales has surprised all of us. More importantly, this year’s competition was not only about quantity but the quality of entries which made the job of the judges very difficult in shortlisting this year.”

A total of 540 entrants has been whittled down to 108 finalists vying to be the best in their respective categories. There are 26 categories all together and vary according to sector and location and this year our very own Business Butler has been selected in the Digital Start-Up of the Year category.

OK, I know there is still a long way to go and we are on a shortlist alongside four other innovative businesses, but the Butler team is already getting a little excited. I can sense it on the team video calls where smiles appear to be wider than normal and internal emails always end with a compliment.

The benefits of winning an award

You see, just being shortlisted for an award can have a positive effect on a business. For some it is simply a great social occasion where you can dress up and let your hair down, but if you actually win an award, that is when your business can really start to reap the benefits.

Awards can improve the credibility of your company and customers and suppliers will want to be associated with you – it can literally give you a stamp of approval. With every award comes excellent PR opportunities that are free , a win – win scenario. New opportunities can arise from winning an award along with new contacts and business. Internally, staff morale can improve and motivation levels rise with success. It also helps recruit high calibre candidates to your business. So, if you thought what’s the point in entering?, think again.

Back at Business Butler and everybody is in work mode and fully focused on continuing to drive the business forward, after all, the Wales Start Up Awards ceremony isn’t until September 18th. Now, where did I put that purple velvet dinner jacket of mine – must remember to check for mothballs.

To see the full list of finalists for the Wales Start Up Awards 2020 please click here.


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