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How to use to LinkedIn effectively

Many professionals use LinkedIn everyday but not everyone does. I know myself as I have only recently been introduced to using LinkedIn and have found it profoundly eye-opening. Today we will be discussing the many perks of using it, why it is important for professionals to use, and how to use the platform effectively. Afterall, some people do say that a LinkedIn profile is no more than just an online resume.

Easy to use

Firstly, LinkedIn is very user friendly and is easy to get to grips with. They show you a progress bar for how much your profile has been completed, which is very useful as on some platforms it is down to guess work. LinkedIn allows you to be social and professional at the same time. Merging job opportunities together with the freedom of sharing more personal information about yourself that you maybe wouldn’t be able to convey as easily in a more professional environment, for example, the office or a job interview. LinkedIn gives you the power to show yourself off the best you can.


To use LinkedIn effectively a good tip is to personalise your LinkedIn URL as you are going to be using it a lot. LinkedIn will give you a URL that is random numbers, but if you personalise your URL and have your name included then it will be much easier for employers to find you. This will help you look more professional and established on the site.

Look your best

Another great tip is to have a high-quality profile picture. Having a good quality profile picture will help make your profile look professional and will help give good first impressions to people who view it. If you are looking for work through the site then you want the best first impression possible in case any future employers find your page. Opting for a simple headshot photo on a plain background works for some but remember if you are a colourful person and want to show off for example your creativity, then maybe you’d want to put a bit of flair into it and make yourself stand out! The sky's the limit on LinkedIn, you just have to make sure you are portraying the image you want for your potential job opportunities.

Adding to the list of tips is to make the most of your cover photo. Some businesses give you templates to show you are working for them and in other instances you will be able to put anything up there that you believe will do your profile good. The ideal dimensions for your cover photo should be 1586 x 396 pixels. Utilising the header image will allow you to make your profile feel more personalised and will help you gain visual impact with your profile.

Spend time completing your profile

Next we will discuss what to put in your “about” section. Your “about” section is crucial when looking for employment. This is the section of your profile where potential employers will be able to learn more about who you are and in what you are interested. In this section you will have a maximum of 2,000 characters and this will allow you to write your job search sales pitch. Use the first paragraph to focus on what you do for work and what your desired job title is, discuss the sectors in which you conduct business and the level of value that you personally add. In the main section you are going to want to talk about some of your career achievements alongside some information about who you are as a person and what it is like to work with you. Make sure to add context wherever possible when writing your “about” section up and also try to keep it to just your main accomplishments as some employers may not read further if it is too drawn out.

There are many ways to easily sell yourself on LinkedIn and it is a great platform for like-minded people to connect. It is a very good way of finding employment and building your social network. If you have more advice how LinkedIn can work for you and your business then just click here

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