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Are you getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile?

The world of social media and digital marketing can seem daunting, but creating a brand for your business doesn’t have to be complicated, LinkedIn is the world’s number one online network for business and is a powerful tool.

We have compiled these top tips to help you to get the most out of LinkedIn to enhance both your career and your business.

1) Complete your profile

An incomplete profile doesn’t reflect well upon you or your brand. Ensure that you have a professional looking profile picture, an up to date bio and contact details. This will ensure that people visiting your profile or company page can access all the information they need and don’t overlook you or your business.

2) Keep it relevant 

Whilst it’s great to show you experience and all that you’ve achieved, your Saturday job at school or bar job at university may not be relevant now and can lead to your profile being overcrowded. Limit your experiences to ones that are relevant to your current career and skill set to ensure you are getting the right message across.

3) Share your skills

LinkedIn allows you to share your skills and for your connections to endorse you. Pick relevant and applicable skills that showcase your talents. Endorsing the skills of your connections may lead to them endorsing yours in return, as with all social media channels engagement brings engagement.

You are also able to share certifications and courses that you’ve completed, this allows you to back up the skills you mention and can even link to a digital version of your certificate, so have a think about what is most relevant for your career and enhance your profile..

4) Post regular content

Whilst you need to be more selective than you may be with your personal social media accounts, posting regularly is a great way to engage with your connections and raise your brand awareness. LinkedIn is a great way to share updates on your career and what you and your business are doing. Utilise hashtags on your posts and include relevant images where possible to increase post engagement and reach.

5) Connect with your connections

Just because someone has connected with you on LinkedIn doesn’t mean you can stop communicating. Ensure you are interacting with your connections and any prospects by commenting on or liking posts and sending messages through the chat function. These tips are easy to follow and can ensure you are getting the most out of your LinkedIn account and that you don’t let any leads or connections go cold.

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