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We’re getting behind LinkedInLocal Swansea

Here at Business Butler Swansea, we are pleased to be sponsoring the upcoming LinkedInLocal Swansea event on 11th April. The evening will involve a talk from the renowned behavioural economist – Mark Pittaccio and plenty of time for business networking. 

As a startup in Swansea, we value the importance of having networking opportunities that allow SME’s and startups to come together and connect, putting a face to the LinkedIn profile. There are several good networking opportunities for larger businesses, but few aimed squarely at the SME sector.

This is why we are delighted to be involved with events run by LinkedInLocal Swansea. Our mission of connecting SME’s in the area to build trade and support networks is a good fit with the aims of LinkedInLocal, so we were delighted to be involved as sponsors.

Want to get involved?

Tickets for the April event are selling fast and you can reserve a ticket here. To hear more about upcoming LinkedInLocal Swansea events and news you can join the mailing list here.

Also, don’t forget to check out and follow the LinkedInLocal Swansea social media pages:

Unsure how to network effectively?

Networking can have a range of benefits and it’s key that you are able to make the most of any opportunities. If you are planning on attending a LinkedInLocal event or any other networking opportunities, you can find our blog on effective networking here.