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Does your business need a website?

For many businesses especially SMEs and startups, having a website may seem like an unnecessary cost, with many businesses instead opting to just use Facebook, Google, Bing and other such business listings.

Whilst it is important for businesses to get their social media and business listings right, relying on those

as their only online presence is taking a risk as whether or not a business is shown in search results relies purely on the algorithms of those platforms.

Wondering if it’s worth launching a website for your business? Here are some of the key benefits of having a website:

  1. Build brand awareness 
  2. Whilst business listings and social media are great, there’s little you can do to customise your listing and really reflect the branding and personality of your business. A website allows you to customise and design how customers see your business online and can help you to build an awareness of your brand.


  1. Increase your reach
  2. One of the key advantages of having a website is being able to implement a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy. Using SEO allows you to improve your search engine ranking without relying solely on your business listing. SEO allows you to optimise your web pages and ensure that the right people are finding your website.


  1. Get mobile optimised
  2. With consumers increasingly relying on mobile devices to find the information they need, it’s important that your business’ information can be accessed easily on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Website design allows you to ensure that a mobile optimised version is available and information is not restricted for those on a mobile device.


  1. Grow your customer base
  2. eCommerce capabilities allow you to sell your business’ product or service to a wider market through your website. Setting up an online store and payment system means you are not limiting your customer base and can potentially increase sales!


  1. Improve customer service
  2. The use of contact us forms, live chats, chatbots and FAQ pages are all ways that a website can help give your customers quick and easy methods of contacting you with any queries or comments which can significantly improve your customer service.


Building a website has endless possibilities for your business, with many options and features available to help your business grow and reach the right customers.

Here at Business Butler our marketing experts have extensive experience in this area and can help create a website for your business that drives results.

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