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Hosting an event can be great for business

After being in lockdown for so long, what a relief it has been for people to be able to go to actual events again. No more needing to log into virtual events, you can now mingle and see other people… face-to-face, believe it or not! Following lockdown it feels like there’s more of a sense of community, which is lovely to see. If you haven’t already, then I urge you to go to one of these face-to-face events. I won’t lie, I found it a little daunting at the start with the event I attended as there were so many people. But I got used to it and very much enjoyed it! Today I will be explaining what event management is and discussing how hosting your own event can help your businesses.  

What is event management?

Before we delve deeper, what is event management? Well, event management can be a range of trained, skilled, and experienced professionals that primarily specialises in planning and managing events. These events can span from being virtual, in-person, or hybrid. But in today’s blog we are focusing on the in-person events. These event specialists handle the work you don’t have time to do. Running a company is hard work. Imagine planning an event for your whole company on top of your already hectic workload… it doesn’t sound fun right? Doesn’t really sound doable? This is why experts in the event field are here to help.

An event manager will take the responsibilities of the whole event off your shoulders. They will; secure sponsorships, obtain permits, hire serving staff, market and advertise the event, handle risk management, coordination of the event running times, contract negotiation and many more… Just reading some of their responsibilities would make your head spin, especially when you consider adding it to your already busy workload!

Great for brand awareness

Hosting an event for a small business can be a very lucrative idea. It can be great for brand awareness, gaining new clientele, and also increasing revenue. There are plenty of different events that you can put on and it all depends on what type of company you are and what you are trying to achieve from hosting an event. For example, I recently went to an event put on by the company I work for and they had a business speaker, a comedian, a magician, and free food. The event succeeded in raising brand awareness and attracting new clients, which were the business’s main goals – while also being an unforgettable and enjoyable day for the attendees.

Lots of events like these happen every week and it is a great way to network, connect with potential clients, and also just have a good time out of the office! There are a lot of pros when considering putting on your own business event. The cons of course being the time, money and effort you have to put into organising, promoting and launching it but ticket sales will hopefully recoup the costs and make a profit.

Call in the professionals

If you are interested in putting your own event on then here are some reasons why it is important for you as the business owner to use an event planning/management company to take care of everything.

Event companies like these can help save you time and can also help make the event look professional. Putting on a slick looking event that runs perfectly and everyone enjoys is no easy task, but with help from event management experts this can be done. You are going to want to develop a good reputation with your events as nobody wants to be dragged to a boring event that lasts seven hours! Building a reputation for having fun events with content that will stick with people and having talks and entertainment that will be nourishing for the mind are all things you should keep in mind when considering putting an event on.

If you are interested in putting an event on yourself or have any questions about event management then you can speak with one of our Event experts by clicking here

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