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How Explainer Videos can benefit a Business

In today’s blog we will be discussing how explainer videos can be beneficial to businesses of any size. Explainer videos can be a very important step in your business’ marketing strategy by helping your target audience really find out what your business does as a whole and what you’re trying to achieve.

One of the world’s market-leading animated explainer video companies, Wyzowl has said ...

Hosting an event can be great for business

After being in lockdown for so long, what a relief it has been for people to be able to go to actual events again. No more needing to log into virtual events, you can now mingle and see other people… face-to-face, believe it or not! Following lockdown it feels like there’s more of a sense of community, which is lovely to see. If you haven’t already, then I ...

How to use to LinkedIn effectively

Many professionals use LinkedIn everyday but not everyone does. I know myself as I have only recently been introduced to using LinkedIn and have found it profoundly eye-opening. Today we will be discussing the many perks of using it, why it is important for professionals to use, and how to use the platform effectively. Afterall, some people do say that a LinkedIn profile is no more than just an...

The advantages of using animation for your business

In today’s blog I will be discussing the advantages of using animation for small businesses. These days if a business doesn’t have suave marketing and silky branding then the chances are they probably won’t get too far. The use and need for animation within businesses is becoming more and more popular and is understandable when you consider the benefits.

Powerful and engaging

The importance of a digital marketing strategy

As many business owners know, digital marketing is essential for growth and having a good, structured plan can do wonders for your company! Today I am going to be explaining what digital marketing is, how you can use it, and the steps you need to take to create your own digital marketing strategy.

What i...

One Simple (But Essential) Thing Leaders Can Do To Improve Employee Engagement

Your people are your company’s most important asset. Cheerful employees are likely to be more productive, but employee engagement is complex - where do you start?

Engaging your team is critical to business success. The holy grail is to have employees who are excited to come to work each day. To achieve this, they need to do what they do best, feel connected to their cowor...

The Power of Video Content

Everywhere you look online you are inundated with content as businesses vie for your attention and hopefully your custom. Most of the time you just ignore all the noise but now and then there is a post that will catch your eye and it will probably be a video clip.

More and more small business owners are realising that video content is an effective way to connect with prospects and custome...

The importance of tone of voice for a startup

The importance of branding in the competitive world of business cannot be understated. It is what distinguishes a company from the rest. Branding covers a multitude of disciplines and purposes. Branding needs to be a true representation of a business, communicating how it wants to be perceived and why prospective clients should choose them over all the others in a saturated market.

The ro...

Why Customer Experience Should be Part of Every Marketing Strategy

A Guest Blog by Mel Evans, Customer Experience Expert

At a point where you need customers more than ever, it is critical that businesses now focus on their marketing and customer experience (CX) as a central platform to their business development.

At difficult times in business the first response is to make cuts: staff, overheads, stock, facilities, services, etc…it...

The Power of Customer Insight

Long gone are the days when companies were satisfied in just selling products, regardless of who were buying them, let alone why. Then, as competition grew and customers had a greater choice of where to spend their money, businesses had to become more customer focussed. Customer service was seen as the panacea, as long as a business treated its customers well, or just better than its competitor...

Do you need a proofreader? Yes, you do!

Proofreading and copy editing are the often overlooked yet incredibly important final steps in the writing process. For any business, hiring a professional to proofread or edit your work is an investment well worth making.


What can a SWOT analysis do for your business?

The fast moving world of business has changed considerably during the past 50 years and advancements in technology have enabled businesses to undertake market research and data analysis to such an extent that just wasn’t possible years ago. However, one aspect that has remained constant is the advantages that carrying out a SWOT analysis can have on a business. The SWOT analysis was devise...

What are Pain Points and how do you identify them?

A guest blog by Rob Baker, HR expert.

It is now 10 years since the pioneering work of David MacLeod and Nita Clarke highlighted the gains to be achieved by securing the positive engagement of your workforce. In the intervening period, everyone from the CIPD to ACAS – and dozens more – have extolled the benefits of engagement as a means of gaining commitment and extra...

Finding Your 'Why'

It’s safe to say that almost every business knows what they do. They are selling a product or offering a service, and they understand all of the facts relevant to that product or service. Some businesses even know how they do what they do, but very few businesses know exactly why they do it. Finding your ‘why’ as a business could be the difference between roaring success and ...

What is a brand and why is branding important?

Everybody has a favourite brand, don’t they? I mean as I teenager, for some unknown reason, I loved Adidas, Pepsi and Wrangler! Not quite sure why because my friends went for Nike, Coke and Levi’s – maybe I just liked to be different.

When you are young and impressionable you don’t tend to look at the reasoning behind such decisions. However, when your are older and wiser and especially w...

Is it time your business had live chat?

Time has always been a precious commodity in all walks of life and that seems even more relevant today in the ever-changing, fast moving, technological world of business.

Where products can be copied by rivals and sold to your target market for less than what you charge, you must be able to differentiate on service to be able to have any sort of competitive edge.

However, every succ...

SME’s spending more on tech services

A recent report into the spending behaviour of more than 133,000 small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) in the UK over the past 10 years has just been published and makes interesting reading.

We’ll take a look at some of the pertinent points from the comprehensive report now. The global report actually covered a total of 250,000 SME’s across the UK, US, Canada, France and Australia wi...

Making connections at LinkedInLocal Swansea

Last Thursday marked the first LinkedInLocal Swansea event sponsored by >Business Butler Swansea. We were delighted to be joined by so many local businesses, entrepreneurs and students from Swansea University for the first event of 2019.

The sold-out event was kicked off with an introduction from Business Butler’s Sid, followed by a talk from Mark Pittaccio, the renowne...

We’re getting behind LinkedInLocal Swansea

Here at Business Butler Swansea, we are pleased to be sponsoring the upcoming LinkedInLocal Swansea event on 11th April. The evening will involve a talk from the renowned behavioural economist – Mark Pittaccio and plenty of time for business networking. 

As a startup in Swansea, we value the importance of having networking opportunities that allow SME’s and startups to com...

Effective Networking - The Follow Up

Here at Business Butler, we understand the importance of networking opportunities for small businesses and SMEs. Networking can have a range of benefits and its key that you are able to make the most of any opportunities.

We have put together the following list of ways to be effective in your networkin...