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The Importance of Insurance and Business Continuity Planning

A Guest Blog by Nigel Adams, Insurance Expert.

I have now been in corporate Risk Management and Insurance for 40 years, and my Business Severn Bay Corporate Solutions limited is now 10 years old. 

Shareholder protection insurance explained

OK, let’s fast forward a few months and life is beginning to return to normal, or as close to normal as it was before the coronavirus pandemic. On a personal level, sales are shooting upwards as customers who have been starved of your products and services make up for lost time, margins are equally impressive, and your bottom line is looking healthier by the day. All in all, your business is ge...

Employers' liability insurance, who needs it and what does it cover?

There are so many things to remember when setting up a business and what with all the excitement and hullabaloo, there appears to be so little time to do them all. From writing a business plan and deciding on a business name to choosing a legal structure and finding suitable premises. Then there is the bank account to open, website to design, licenses to apply for, suppliers to source, contract...