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The wellbeing of staff should be at the heart of any business

Behind every successful business is a dedicated team of highly motivated and engaged workers. So with staff playing such an integral role it is important that businesses look after their most important asset. Paying them a reasonable wage and rewarding success go without saying. But what is pivotal to having a motivated workforce who are dedicated to driving a business forward is their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing too.

The benefits of fostering excellent health and wellbeing in the workplace have always been known but it is since the mass exodus to home working caused by the pandemic that awareness around the subject has increased significantly. 

What is employee wellbeing?

Employee wellbeing relates to all aspects of life at work. From the quality and safety in the working environment, to how workers feel about their work, their colleagues, their place of work and the company they work for. The term wellbeing takes into account mental, physical, emotional and financial aspects.

What are the benefits?

Improved productivity

Focusing on the wellbeing of employees can reap an array of benefits for both the staff and the organisation they work for. Championing wellbeing in the workplace can have a significant effect on a company’s long-term success. Research indicates there is a direct link between the health and wellbeing of employees and the productivity levels of a business.

Higher staff retention

Creating an environment promoting health and wellbeing helps staff reach their full potential where they can enjoy a rewarding career with a company. By investing in wellbeing in the workplace there are higher attendance levels, greater employee engagement and a lower turnover of staff.

Cost savings

There is also a significant cost saving by implementing good health and wellbeing practices. The increase in attendance obviously means fewer working days lost to absence. Work-related stress absences costs the UK economy an alarming £28 billion per year. From an individual business perspective this equates to a 25% increase in costs. Another big cost saving is achieved through the higher rate of staff retention. Studies prove that the cost of hiring and training a new member of staff compared to keeping an existing employee is 20% of their salary.

Improved morale

Improved morale is another advantage because workers feel valued when all their needs are met. This also acts as great PR for a company because satisfied workers are great brand ambassadors. Happy employees tell friends and relatives about how content they are with their job, which then has the added bonus when it comes to recruitment. Companies that have built an excellent reputation, partly due to their good health and well being practices, are able to attract and retain the best talent in their respective sector.

Customer loyalty

An engaged workforce is full of positivity and this is noticeable in how employees in customer facing roles interact with customers. They go further to ensure that the service they provide is the best and this infectious approach is appreciated by customers. This in-turn can lead to legions of loyal customers forging long term relationships with companies.

This is endorsed by Business Butler, Customer Experience (CX) Expert, Mel Evans who said:

“Employees are a business’s best asset on the route to great CX, so it’s vital to keep them happy and motivated. Post-pandemic, we have seen a real shift in what employees want from a job and workplace, yet the high vacancies suggest that many employers aren’t yet listening.

“When considering employee well-being in 2023, many businesses need to reassess what their staff actually want and need to enjoy a better work-life balance and positive mental health.”

Stress Awareness month

April is recognised as National Stress Awareness month and raises public awareness about the causes and cures of stress-related issues. Although there has been a concerted drive to improving employee wellbeing there is still plenty of scope for improvement. Mental health issues are still not discussed as openly as physical illness. So the more that is done to raise awareness of the problems, educate people and address the issues the better.

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