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Should small businesses return to the office or continue working remotely?

Business owners are renowned for making tough decisions, it’s part and parcel of what they do. From hiring and firing to expansion and closure, if you don’t like making important decisions then don’t run a business. The latest decision facing business owners is one that they would never even have contemplated 18 months ago - should they continue running the business remotely or return to t...

Getting the most out of your virtual team

Working from home (WFH) was something many workers had never experienced prior to lockdown last March and was usually only a familiar practice among freelancers in specific sectors. Many business owners and directors approached remote working with trepidation, which was understandable because it was unchartered territory.

Now fast-forward 12 months and despite lockdown restrictions finall...

Six reasons why a virtual company Christmas is a good idea

A Guest Blog by Caryl Thomas, HR Expert.

This time of year is usually filled with festivities. From Christmas parties to the legendary Secret Santa gift exchange, there is normally no shortage of reasons to get together with friends, family and co-workers during December.

But after a difficult year curtailing coronavirus, and with continued efforts to keep the risk of transmission l...

Lockdown has had a positive effect for some businesses

Along with the general worry and uncertainty caused by the Covid -19 pandemic there was additional concern and angst felt by business owners and managers across the country as their workers joined the rapid and mass migration to working from home (WFH). The main fears were that they would not be able to assert the same degree of control over their businesses and manage their workforces as effec...

Is your business GDPR compliant while working from home?

Recent research reveals that at least 10% of businesses who are working from home (WFH) due to the coronavirus pandemic are not GDPR compliant. You may think that GDPR doesn’t apply to your business or you may believe you are covered while WFH, but simply by using your own laptop or desktop instead of your work PC may mean you are in breach of GDPR.


So, what is GDPR?

Looking professional in a video conference

This era of working from home (WFH) has seen millions of workers adapt to using new technology, resulting in video conferencing platforms seeing demand for their products escalate exponentially. Now, although we can’t, and probably don’t all want to look like Huw Edwards or Sophie Raworth, here are some tips on looking professional in a video conference from the confines of your home.


Technology for Working from Home

Times and technology have changed considerably in recent years and when you look back just 10 years ago homeworking was very different compared with today, even the term has changed to Working from Home (WFH).

The advancement in technology for working from home has made the transition from working from an office or other place of work almost seamless and despite the lockdown, it’s still b...

Surviving Working from Home

I’d imagine that the majority of workers who hadn’t worked from home (WFH) before were probably quite pleased to get the memo from their boss telling them that the office is closing, and they would have to take the laptop home.

I mean, who wouldn’t relish the thought of no longer sitting in traffic during the dreaded daily commute or standing in the rain waiting for a bus that was running...