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Returning to work after lockdown

With the aim of kickstarting the economy, lockdown restrictions have been eased and the world of business is trying to awake from a period of enforced hibernation. Some businesses have adjusted to working from home (WFH) better than others and may prefer to keep it like that for the time being, but for others, returning to work after lockdown is a necessity and the sooner that happens the bette...

Employers' liability insurance, who needs it and what does it cover?

There are so many things to remember when setting up a business and what with all the excitement and hullabaloo, there appears to be so little time to do them all. From writing a business plan and deciding on a business name to choosing a legal structure and finding suitable premises. Then there is the bank account to open, website to design, licenses to apply for, suppliers to source, contract...

Coronavirus and your business

Coronavirus is the only subject that everybody is thinking about at the moment and will probably be for many weeks to come. The uncertainty of what will happen and how it will affect peoples’ lives is alarming to say the least and even more so for business owners.

Contingency planning

There probably isn’t any business sector that is not going to be impacted by ...