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Why you should use a Business Consultant

Running a business can be exciting and rewarding but on the other hand it can also be challenging and exhausting. In the early days you may think that you can do everything yourself and maybe you can, but as the business evolves you find yourself stretched in all directions and there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish your daily tasks. As the obstacles you face become more challenging, you start missing your targets and you become more frustrated. This has a knock on effect on business performance and more importantly, your health and wellbeing.

Or maybe you have no issue with time management and your business has been performing well for several years but appears to have stagnated or started to decline recently. No matter what you try to do to resolve the problems and arrest the slide, nothing seems to work. Sales are sluggish, you’re losing customers to competitors and costs are rising.

In both scenarios you probably feel isolated, as if there is nobody to turn to, but help is at hand, all you need to do is hire a business consultant. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits a business consultant provides. 

Benefits of hiring a business consultant

Focus on what you know best

By hiring a business consultant you will be able to use your time more efficiently and concentrate on your key strengths while applying yourself to areas of the business that need attention. Meanwhile the business consultant can use their expertise to identify and help you resolve the issues facing your business. 

A fresh pair of eyes                                                                                      

Bringing a consultant in means they can identify issues that you can’t see. They bring a fresh perspective and outlook to your business, which sometimes is all it needs. Just by a consultant highlighting the problem can act as a fillip to morale and the measures needed to get the business back on track become obvious and easy to implement.

Expert advice

You can research business consultants and choose one that has the expertise in an area of the business where you feel knowledge is lacking. By securing the services of an expert they will be able to look at your business strategically and advise you on key areas such as diversification, business growth, customer acquisition and creating new revenue streams.

Crisis Management

If only we had a crystal ball to see what bumps and obstacles lie ahead on the meandering road to business success. Sadly we can’t predict the future but we can be prepared for most eventualities. The recent pandemic hit businesses worldwide and nobody could have foreseen the damage it would cause. Hopefully we won’t endure anything on that scale again but there may be other emergencies to face, including, security breaches, natural disasters, lawsuits and industrial accidents, to name just a few. A business consultant should be able to identify your business’s vulnerabilities and draft a contingency plan. They can also deliver or arrange training for staff to prepare for specific scenarios. At least you will be in the best position to cope if and when needed.

Return on investment

The fees you pay to hire a business consultant on a short-term basis should be a cost-effective investment in the long term. Working with an expert on specific business areas can save you valuable time and money on recruiting and training staff for those roles. A business consultant can resolve the issues for less than the cost of employing someone full-time and much faster too. The improvement in efficiency will obviously have a positive effect on the bottom line and can continue to do so in the long-term.

Business strategy

A business consultant can carry out an evaluation of your business and identify any weaknesses that need addressing as well as opportunities to exploit. They can recommend measures to resolve the weaknesses and set objectives to take full advantage of the new opportunity. This will ensure that the specific metrics needed are met and your business will achieve its strategic aims.


A business consultant can help you devise a marketing plan which incorporates the best strategies to reach your target audience. They can cover SEO, sales tactics, social media and content marketing. They will know what channels, tools and strategies are the best for your business. As mentioned briefly earlier, this is a cost-effective solution for small businesses with limited resources, compared to either employing a marketing manager and team or outsourcing your marketing elsewhere.

These are just some of the advantages a business consultant can provide and there are countless others. At Business Butler we have a choice of business consultants specialising in several key disciplines and ready to help you. If you want some advice or need a consultant to help your business just click here.

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