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Four ways to secure a promotion, FAST

A promotion gives you more responsibility, new opportunities, new skills and – let’s not forget, more money. Not to mention a huge sense of achievement.

So now that we’ve sold it to you, how do you go about getting one? Easy, you follow these four simple tips to get you where you want to be. Don’t say we never do anything for you!

How to get the promotion you’ve always dreamed of

1. Polish and grow your skills and expertise

Mastering a new skill or building expertise is both exciting and interesting for you. But never mind that – for your employer, it’s adding value by allowing you to deliver increasingly better results. And it shows a fantastic willingness to work, grow and progress. Someone who is actively seeking out more skills is bound to catch their eye.

People who have successfully risen through the ranks have often exposed themselves to a range of company activities. This has broadened their understanding of how the business functions and brought them new skills at a faster rate than their peers. Get involved.

2. Build and nurture relationships

Unlike the good ol’ days, having the boss over to dinner in the hopes of a career fast-track is no longer a great idea. In fact, it’s highly likely to end in disappointment (and probably some fairly awkward small talk along the way).

Nevertheless, building your network is still vital, both in the company and outside it – which means in the real world and online.

Getting on with everyone all the time isn’t always possible, but your chances of promotion are much higher if you’re seen as a positive presence in the workplace. So strive to be approachable, a role model even – someone worthy of the respect of your colleagues

Not everyone wants to be in the job or company they’re in, so stay calm, and don’t let others’ negativity or gossip drag you down. And while having boundaries and a healthy work-life balance is key, it’s safe to say quiet quitting won’t get you the role you’ve dreamed of. So decide what you want and stick with it.

3. Play the long game with enthusiasm

Promotions rarely fall into the laps of recent recruits – not through any fault of your own, it’s just that people don’t know (and therefore trust) you as much. So when you set your sights on promotion, be aware that you’re committing to a long game, and be prepared to pay your dues. This means showing your company what you’re made of. You might feel like you’re ready for the next rung of the ladder, but your employer needs to see you show dedication, loyalty and hard work over a period of time, and you need to build your knowledge of the dynamics and the way things work..

We know that staying motivated can be tough, particularly if promotions come up rarely. So take time to focus your mind on why you want the promotion, why you can rise to the challenge, and how it would make a difference to your life. You could write this down in a notebook over a coffee, or you could hold yourself even more accountable, by working with a mentor or coach.

4. Raise your profile with senior management

You may work hard, but do the people who call the shots know who you are? Getting your talents and contributions noticed is essential to securing a promotion.

Remember to showcase your skills and abilities at team meetings. And don’t stop at your team: volunteer for cross-departmental projects – if you get the chance to lead, even better. This shows you’re not afraid of extra work or collaborating with a variety of people, beyond your immediate team.

It may feel daunting but asking for regular feedback will give you invaluable insights into what your employer thinks of your performance. In fact, be upfront and let them know you’re interested in promotion. There’s no shame in wanting to progress your career in an organisation.

Which only remains for us to say: good luck, you’ve got this. And if you haven’t, we’ve got you – just get in touch and we’ll help in any way we can.

There’s no getting away from your promotion being someone else’s decision, but these steps boost your chances. If you are looking to supercharge your career, talk to one of our vetted business mentors.

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