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But what if it’s raining?

Last summer, after the hottest period of weather the UK has seen for a LONG while, I jumped at the opportunity to go for an early morning swim with a good friend. When I pulled back the curtains this morning, a bit blurry eyed it was raining… what would you do?

Me? No questions I got ready. It reminded me of the wet summer holidays in Cornwall when we lived in our swimming costumes, ...

Ten reasons why working with Experts is great for business

When you run your own business there are so many areas you need to focus on and because you don’t have the resources to recruit a team of specialists for each one you tend to try and do everything yourself.

This is understandable but you run the risk of becoming a ‘Jack of all trades’ when what you really need is the help and support of an expert to cover those key areas of the business. ...

The Business Landscape of Wales this Autumn

A Guest Blog by Graham Morgan, a Business Expert.

There were 267,000 business enterprises in Wales in 2019 according to the Office of National Statistics and this was the highest number recorded over the period from 2003. The growth from 169,000 enterprises in 2003 has been consistent year on year. Small and medium sized businesses(SME’s) accounted for 62.4% of the estima...

WHY Business psychology?

A Guest Blog by Manjula Bray, Business Psychologist and Leadership Expert.

A better first question might be: ‘what is business psychology?’ – something I am often asked to explain at networking events. Siri defines psychology it as:

‘the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially t...

How could a business consultant help your new business?

You may think that business consultants are only useful for larger, established companies, that have seen performance plateau or sales stagnate and require help to guide them in the right direction.

However, what you may not realise is that business consultants can be equally effective when working with new businesses. In fact, using the services of an experienced consultant as a new busi...