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Coronavirus and your business

Coronavirus is the only subject that everybody is thinking about at the moment and will probably be for many weeks to come. The uncertainty of what will happen and how it will affect peoples’ lives is alarming to say the least and even more so for business owners.

Contingency planning

There probably isn’t any business sector that is not going to be impacted by ...

Who’s looking after your books?

You wouldn’t let anybody look after your legal matters, would you? And would you take financial advice from someone you met in the pub? Hopefully not. Ok, what if you were ill, would you seek help from any Tom, Dick or Harriet? Of course not, you’d make an appointment with your doctor.

So, when you entrust someone to look after your business’s finances you need to make sure they are fully...

Making connections at LinkedInLocal Swansea

Last Thursday marked the first LinkedInLocal Swansea event sponsored by >Business Butler Swansea. We were delighted to be joined by so many local businesses, entrepreneurs and students from Swansea University for the first event of 2019.

The sold-out event was kicked off with an introduction from Business Butler’s Sid, followed by a talk from Mark Pittaccio, the renowne...

A space to grow at TechHub Swansea

We are pleased to announce we have recently relocated to the TechHub Swansea which is a great environment for startups and are delighted to be working in an office space with like minded tech businesses and entrepreneurs.

Here at Business Butler Swansea we are working to connect SME’s with local business experts using the mediums of web, app and robo chat. We have built a team of local bu...