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Why you should use a Business Consultant

Running a business can be exciting and rewarding but on the other hand it can also be challenging and exhausting. In the early days you may think that you can do everything yourself and maybe you can, but as the business evolves you find yourself stretched in all directions and there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish your daily tasks. As the obstacles you face become more challenging...

But what if it’s raining?

Last summer, after the hottest period of weather the UK has seen for a LONG while, I jumped at the opportunity to go for an early morning swim with a good friend. When I pulled back the curtains this morning, a bit blurry eyed it was raining… what would you do?

Me? No questions I got ready. It reminded me of the wet summer holidays in Cornwall when we lived in our swimming costumes, ...

An unforgettable day at the Business Mindset conference

The power of the mind should not be underestimated and peak performance coach, Mr Jim Steele, proved that in the opening minutes of his captivating Business Mindset Conference in Cardiff. The event was held in the majestic Cornerstone Arts Centre and Community Hub, a converted chapel, where Steele preached to the masses about the benefits of having a business mindset.

A vibra...

A look into the Government's £12 million grant to help startups

Funding is such an important step for any business, especially for startups. The early years of a business are arguably the most important and going through them without any funding is one of the major reasons why so many startups end up failing. Being able to access some level of funding can help startup companies tenfold and can also help secure some level of longevity for the business.

Bounce Back Loan fraud to cost taxpayers billions

Payments made from the government’s Covid emergency lending programme to fraudulent companies will cost taxpayers £4.9 billion. The funding was essential to safeguard millions of jobs and keep businesses afloat but in the rush to make the credit available it appears that fraud prevention measures were not implemented in time.

Concerns were raised before launch

The g...