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How to get funding for your startup: 7 key mistakes that most founders make

Getting the right kind of funding for your startup is a challenge. You have to find it, get approved, and then use it wisely. But there are many mistakes that too many founders make when they're trying to get their company off the ground. In this post we'll cover 7 key mistakes you should avoid so you can raise enough money for your startup without sacrificing any equity or valuable resources.

There are thousands of businesses seeking investment which means it is not easy to get funding for a startup.The number one reason why new businesses fail is a lack of funding, so it is important that owners maximise their opportunity of being successful in getting funding for their startup. 

Lack of understanding

One of the first mistakes that founders make when starting their business is due to a lack of knowledge, or more accurately, not understanding the market opportunity for the product or service they are about to launch. It is essential that when you seek funding you provide an overview of how you have identified a gap in the market that justifies demand for your product or service.

Competitor analysis

Business owners need to have a thorough understanding of their competitors before they launch their product or service. They need to know who their competitors are and most importantly differentiate their offering. A lack of differentiation between a startup entering the market and an established businesses will prevent a founder from securing funding. This competitor analysis forms a crucial component of the marketing strategy.

Know your numbers

Everybody who starts their own business believes it will make money. But a mistake many make is that they fail to communicate articulately how their business will be able to generate significant revenue. Owners need to know their financial figures because failing to do so will result in prospective investors taking their finances elsewhere.

A weak executive team

Businesses often fail to secure funding because they have a weak executive team or lack experience in key business areas. It is vital that a business has a well-rounded executive team and ensure all business disciplines are covered. 

Customer validation

The importance of customer feedback for any business cannot be understated and it takes on even greater significance during its formative years. A business needs to have carried out research into customer validation which is an integral part of the product development process. Insights gained here are invaluable in making sure the product or service has the right market fit.

Be realistic with forecasts

Finding funding will be almost impossible if a founder delivers unrealistic growth metrics. Prospective investors are shrewd business people with excellent commercial acumen and if the metrics don't make sense then neither does the business. As mentioned earlier, it is imperative that founders thoroughly know their financials. 

Generating revenue

Finally, a business that is struggling to generate revenue and lacking traction in acquiring customers is not an appealing one for any type of investor. This problem is one of the main causes why startups fail and throwing money at it is not necessarily the answer.

The issues above are avoidable and the more preparation founders do before seeking funding, the greater chance of success. To speak with an expert about funding for your business, please click here.

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