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How Explainer Videos can benefit a Business

In today’s blog we will be discussing how explainer videos can be beneficial to businesses of any size. Explainer videos can be a very important step in your business’ marketing strategy by helping your target audience really find out what your business does as a whole and what you’re trying to achieve.

One of the world’s market-leading animated explainer video companies, Wyzowl has said that 96% of people have gone to watch an explainer video to learn more about a company’s product or service which is a staggering amount of people. Also, when being faced with something new, 66% of the people preferred to learn more about the product or service by simply watching a short video clip.

What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are a very powerful marketing tool if done right. An explainer video is usually a short-form video that is utilised within a sales purpose or a marketing strategy. They are used to highlight the company’s product, service or their business idea. In some cases explainer videos can be a great way to pitch ideas to people!

There are lots of different types of video content that can be used to demonstrate whatever you need to explain. An example of a few are; live talk videos, interviews, product reviews, and behind the scenes footage. Of course, each clip has its very own purpose but if you want to introduce your target audience to your company then you should definitely go the explainer video route. An explainer video, unlike the aforementioned other types of videos, will allow you to explain in depth your company, show off your company’s culture, and explain your product or service.

Simple but effective

Explainer videos are by far one of the simplest and effective means of explaining aspects of your company to your audience. It sounds strange saying that as they are literally called explainer videos but some people wouldn’t think to put them together. But, if you do, you have a pretty solid marketing strategy on your hands! Explainer videos are definitely the tool you want to use if you need to… well, explain anything. If your business needs to explain a new or complicated process to your audience then guess what video format you should use… Yes! An explainer video!

More powerful than words

It has been proven that 95% of users retain content from a video message but only 10% do with texts, which is crazy to think about! So why waste time producing an article explaining your company’s long-winded process, your latest product, or your company’s latest deal when you can band together an explainer video that can convey your message in a simple, quick, and knowledgeable way?

So in your next meeting why pitch an explainer video? Why not make that first jump into explainer videos? It will be effective and worth it. For example, videos are far easier for our brains to digest than text, which means the information is easier to retain. The human brain prefers visual content and it’s always been that way, so why not cater for it and get your business’ message out there in an easier, digestible way. 

Personal touch

Furthermore, utilising video can give your message a bit more of a personal touch. If you want to go a step further too then include your face so you can ‘talk’ to your audience on a psychological level. Lastly, we all hate people or things wasting our time, so why waste your audiences’ time. People like getting information they need in the shortest amount of time possible. Utilising an explainer video can save you minutes, maybe even hours depending on the content.

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