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How Hiring A Bookkeeper Can Help Small Businesses

The bookkeeper can play a vital role if incorporated into a small business. Hiring a bookkeeper can help your finances make more sense and can help free up time for other tasks that might need doing, usually when starting a small business the bookkeeping responsibilities would fall on yourself. Today I am going to be discussing how hiring a bookkeeper can r...

How to ensure you choose the right R&D tax credit adviser

A Guest Blog by Matthew Jones, ACA CTA, R&D Tax Credit Expert.

It is no secret that HMRC are enforcing a variety of measures to prevent abuse of R&D tax credit claims following the recent identification and prevention of fraudulent attempts totally over £300 million. This is a loud and public warning. Choosing the wrong adviser can potentially place...

Who’s looking after your books?

You wouldn’t let anybody look after your legal matters, would you? And would you take financial advice from someone you met in the pub? Hopefully not. Ok, what if you were ill, would you seek help from any Tom, Dick or Harriet? Of course not, you’d make an appointment with your doctor.

So, when you entrust someone to look after your business’s finances you need to make sure they are fully...

Making Tax Digital explained

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is the government’s initiative to modernise and simplify tax administration for everyone, by moving the whole process online. This pioneering venture promises to make tax submissions more effective, more efficient and easier for taxpayers. However, with recent research suggesting that 30% of businesses are unaware of what this means for them we’ve written a to clarify t...