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Business Butler Blog - August 2022

Good news for Scaleups in the UK

In a challenging economic environment it is great to have some positive news for a change. The government has recently announced that scaleups will be able to attract the best talent from around the globe with the new Scale-up visa scheme.

What is a scaleup?

Most people are familiar with startups because of the sheer volume of them launching each year but scale...

Workers in the UK spending less time in offices

When the enforced mass exodus of employees from their places of work began in March 2020, companies had to turn to a new way of working. This transition to working from home (WFH) worked better than anticipated. Business owners and CEOs needn’t have fretted about production levels dropping and staff motivation flagging. The vast majority of businesses declared remote working a resounding succes...

Record numbers of retirees are returning to work

Most people work hard throughout their career with the aim of being able to enjoy a comfortable retirement and if everything goes according to plan then maybe retire a few years earlier than the state pension age. However, nothing is straight forward and life is full of surprises, some pleasant and others not so. The current economic crisis couldn’t have been predicted when workers approaching ...

SMEs in Wales were offered £135 million in recovery loans

With businesses still reeling from the difficult trading conditions during the past two years, the British Business Bank has revealed details of the scale of funding that’s been provided to SMEs in Wales in the form of recovery loans.

Post-pandemic recovery

Do you have the right technology in place for agile working ?

When millions of workers were forced to work from home (WFH) because of the pandemic, there were bosses and business owners up and down the country who all shared the same pressing concern – what will this mean to productivity? The general consensus of opinion was that productivity levels would fall because employees would be easily distracted by the comforts of WFH and by family members. Where...

Companies speaking up about social issues

More companies these days are choosing to air their views regarding social issues. Recently, the eyes of the world were focussed on America as the US Supreme Court made the highly contentious decision to restrict abortion rights… In turn this led to major demonstrations protesting against that ruling and several companies have emphasised their standpoint on...