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Business Butler Blog - July 2022

Government encouraged to spend more with SMEs

In a recent article, the business support platform Enterprise Nation called upon the Government to increase spending within UK small businesses to help unlock the economic growth and to try and create a more diverse and dynamic economy.

Access all Areas

The new report, Access all Areas: Government, found that even though policy ambition is to increa...

What is Operational Excellence?

As an Operational Excellence (OpEx) consultant, I was asked today a seemingly simple question. What is Operational Excellence? As the definitions one can find on the internet are either too broad or too ambiguous, here is the working definition of OpEx that I gave as my answer.

OpEx is a highly functioning engaged culture of leadership, ...

Clamping down on cold calling

There’s been a significant surge in the number of predatory marketing calls in the UK, which as well as being extremely annoying is also a concern for data protection.

The UK’s data protection regulator has made fighting predatory marketing calls and supporting children’s privacy two of their main focuses to combat over the next three years as part of their new action plan. It’s good to h...

Bullying cases escalate with working from home

Even working from home (WFH) doesn’t offer a safe haven from the dreaded workplace bully. Bullying claims from workers in the UK have surged recently and now WFH has taken a toll because of it. Allegations of bullying jumped 44%, a study found and video calls and messaging apps may be adding to the problem. Let’s delve deeper into this.

Record numbers

Most people wo...

Your job title may be holding you back

A recent article suggests that employees are being pigeonholed by their job titles and not being utilised fully by companies? Another even suggests whether job titles are even needed in today’s business world.

What do I mean by this? Well, some employees in big companies are overlooking talented staff beca...

Record rise in customer service complaints

Everybody knows that excellent customer service is a must but there are numerous high-profile companies that are struggling to provide it. According to a recent report customer service complaints are now at the highest they have ever been in the UK.

Staffing and supply chain problems

Welsh Government wants more employee-owned businesses

According to a recent article the Welsh Government wants to double the number of businesses that are owned by employees in the principality. There are currently 38 employee-owned businesses in Wales, including eight that have hatched within the last six months.

Raising awareness

A helping hand for employees

With the cost of living escalating upwards it was refreshing to read that the luxury motor company Rolls-Royce is paying their staff £2,000 to help with the economic crisis. The engineering firm has said that it’s the first ever payment they have made that isn’t performance related but rather due to the economic climate.