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Business Butler Blog - June 2022

Are Avatars the future for SMEs?

Can you imagine as a business owner that some day in the future you will be able to sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that while you are getting some much deserved rest your business is being run by an avatar version of you. 

I know, it sounds far-fetched but when you think about how quickly technology...

When team building exercises go wrong

Team building exercises can be beneficial for employees if done correctly. They can help boost morale, be an interesting way to help employees bond and get to know each other. But, occasionally they don’t go according to plan… Sometimes a team building exercise can go horribly wrong if poorly organised and if it’s not planned in advance. Recently, a team bu...

The importance of having an exit strategy

In today’s blog we will be going through and discussing the different types of exit strategies, what they mean, and how you can put them in place in the early days of creating your business. Exit strategies are an important part of anyone’s business plan and fundamental for, of course, the latter days of your business depending on the time frame you put in ...

What is a lasting power of attorney and why is it important?

In today’s blog we will be looking at what a lasting power of attorney (LPA) is and why it is important. A lot of people aren’t too savvy on the subject so today’s aim is to shed light on the process, how it works and why it is so essential, especially for business owners.

So, what is a lasting power of attorney? Well… a lasting power of attorney is a legal document in which you can allow...

R&D Tax Credit Changes Explained

R&D Tax Credit Changes Explained

During the 2021 Autumn budget, the government confirmed the addition of an extra R&D tax credit cost category: data and cloud computing. This announcement has been much anticipated following the 2020 consultation on qualifying criteria and has been welcomed by companies and advisors alike.

Matthew Jones, managing director, Li...