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Business Butler Blog - April 2022

The advantages of using animation for your business

In today’s blog I will be discussing the advantages of using animation for small businesses. These days if a business doesn’t have suave marketing and silky branding then the chances are they probably won’t get too far. The use and need for animation within businesses is becoming more and more popular and is understandable when you consider the benefits.

Powerful and engaging

The importance of a Business Mindset

When you look at successful people in business they all share several traits but the most important of these arguably is a business mindset. This is often referred to as an entrepreneurial mindset but either way the key point to note is that anybody can learn how to develop such a positive and rewarding mindset.

What is a business mindset?

A person with a busin...

Great news for online shoppers

New rules have been put in place to make fake reviews online illegal. As a result people are going to be more protected from fake reviews as well as subscription traps, with new plans to tackle rip-offs head on. Part of the plan that has been proposed is to make it “clearly illegal” to pay anyone to write or post reviews that are fake. Furthermore, there are plans to fine firms up to 10% of the...

8 Questions to consider when starting a business

Have you ever had thoughts about whether or not you should turn your hobby/passion into a potentially profitable business? It’s fair to say that most people would have had these thoughts at some point, I know I have! Today I am going to be going through 8 important questions to ask yourself before considering starting a business of your own.

What is the core motivation for startin...

Streaming services are struggling

In a recent article it was discussed how Netflix has been losing their subscribers which hasn’t happened in ten years, which is leading them to consider using advertisements. You would have thought the opposite was happening with all the recent success of some Netflix owned releases, it is surprising to hear. Netflix have shed the blame onto factors including the increasing competition from oth...

Issues facing the public sector

Figures show that public sector pay for jobs such as; teachers, NHS workers and civil servants has fallen further behind price rises in the three months to February. Some see this as the biggest squeeze for public sector pay in 20 years.

Escalating cost of living

Wages for public sector workers have risen but price rises have actually ended up outpacing them. This m...

A look into the Government's £12 million grant to help startups

Funding is such an important step for any business, especially for startups. The early years of a business are arguably the most important and going through them without any funding is one of the major reasons why so many startups end up failing. Being able to access some level of funding can help startup companies tenfold and can also help secure some level of longevity for the business.

Is the four-day working week the way forward?

It started with working from home, now the four-day work week, what other unfathomable changes will the Covid-19 pandemic enforce onto the business world?

The four-day work week has been discussed in a bid to measure whether or not it will boost productivity giving employees a longer weekend. Workers would still be paid the same as their five-day work...

The importance of a digital marketing strategy

As many business owners know, digital marketing is essential for growth and having a good, structured plan can do wonders for your company! Today I am going to be explaining what digital marketing is, how you can use it, and the steps you need to take to create your own digital marketing strategy.

What i...