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Business Butler Blog - February 2022

The Importance of writing a will

When a loved one passes, emotions and tensions can be high and we’ve all heard the dreaded dispute stories.. Today I will be discussing the importance of writing a will. Nobody likes thinking about death but it is an everyday reality, and having your inheritance sorted out and pursuing an all-round feeling of fairness between family members can have a big impact on loved one’s lives. Making a w...

Why there's nothing 'small' about small business

Big ideas, big ambitions, big plans, big(ger) competitors, big (massive!) decisions, big risks (certainly), big returns (maybe). Isn't it time we cooked up a new way to describe those businesses with fewer than 250 employees other than SME, the 'small and medium-sized enterprise'?

Out of small acorns…

It's such a misnomer and a discredit to the sweat, blood, to...

Why Having a Retirement Plan is Important

Today I am going to be discussing the importance of having a retirement plan in place. There are many questions that surround retirement plans such as; “Will I end up running out of money? Will I even be able to retire when I would like to? Is there any way to be sure of having the retirement I want?” Well…Today I am going to try and answer a few of those questions for you!

What i...

How Hiring A Bookkeeper Can Help Small Businesses

The bookkeeper can play a vital role if incorporated into a small business. Hiring a bookkeeper can help your finances make more sense and can help free up time for other tasks that might need doing, usually when starting a small business the bookkeeping responsibilities would fall on yourself. Today I am going to be discussing how hiring a bookkeeper can r...

Jetting off abroad and other staff rewards

Company bonuses have always been around, they are a great way to boost morale and can help with productivity. A recent article went into how a Cardiff firm gave staff a free all-inclusive break to Tenerife. Yolk Recruitment Ltd. paid to take their 55 staff on holiday to thank them for continuing to work through the pandemic.

Running a business in Wales is stressful

Business owners life’s can be stressful enough just by navigating the day-to-day. Due to the energy crisis and the cost of living rising it seems like the next few months are going to be difficult. Figures suggest that business owners in Wales are experiencing the highest levels of mental health issues when compared to the rest of the UK.

Finance is a key reason


The importance of cyber security

As we all know technology runs the world. Due to the covid-19 pandemic without it most businesses would be halted at a stand-still. Whether it be; processing and shipping orders, communicating over email, or paying employees, most businesses are extremely reliant on their IT infrastructure to operate effectively.

A positive outlook for startups in the future

Running your own business is a dream for many and for those who manage to achieve theirs the rewards can be amazing. However, as with anything rewarding it takes a lot of hard work to succeed and there are challenges to overcome and risks to consider - and the risks are significant.

Rewind two years to when one in five businesses failed in the first year of trading and three out of e...