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Business Butler Blog - October 2022

The stats are against startup success

Starting any business is a challenge and the odds are stacked against you with one in three failing during the first year and two out of every three startups closing by the end of year three. Thankfully business owners are hardy souls and instead of being put off by statistics they are fuelled by a belief in what they are doing and a determination to succeed. I mean where would we be if everyon...

The importance of first impressions in business

When you launch a business you obviously want to give yourself the best possible chance of success. Whatever market you are in you will be up against established businesses and larger companies that will have bigger budgets and greater resources than you, making it look as if the odds are stacked against you, and to a certain extent they are. But there are ways you can level the playing field a...

Finding funding for startups

Startup founders in the UK have raised concerns that access to funding is proving difficult as prospective lenders are becoming frugal with their finances. All businesses are facing challenges with escalating costs and an unstable economy but startups are not as robust as established companies and are more susceptible to the effects of the recession. This is alarming because a lack of funding i...