Business Butler Blog | July 2020

Business Butler Blog - July 2020

Returning to work after lockdown

With the aim of kickstarting the economy, lockdown restrictions have been eased and the world of business is trying to awake from a period of enforced hibernation. Some businesses have adjusted to working from home (WFH) better than others and may prefer to keep it like that for the time being, but for others, returning to work after lockdown is a necessity and the sooner that happens the bette...

The finalists for the Wales Start Up Awards 2020 have been announced…

Entrepreneurs and business owners don’t embark on their ventures with the aim of winning awards – definitely not. Their goals are obviously to grow and establish their businesses by increasing their market share and of course making a profit. And if they get nominated for an award along the way then that is merely the icing on the cake. Or is it?

Everybody loves winning

Lockdown has had a positive effect for some businesses

Along with the general worry and uncertainty caused by the Covid -19 pandemic there was additional concern and angst felt by business owners and managers across the country as their workers joined the rapid and mass migration to working from home (WFH). The main fears were that they would not be able to assert the same degree of control over their businesses and manage their workforces as effec...

Stage One of the Job Retention Scheme (aka Furlough) ended on June 30th, 2020

July 1st marks the start of the second stage of the Job Retention Scheme, kicking off with the introduction of ‘flexible furloughing’. What this means is that employees can be invited back to work for a determined number of hours being payed at 100% for hours worked whilst staying on furlough leave for the remainder of their contracted hours paid at 80%.

Sounds straight forward?