Business Butler Blog | March 2020

Business Butler Blog - March 2020

The self-employed have not been forgotten

The loudest noise heard on Thursday was at 8:00 pm when applause for the Clap For Our Carers campaign supporting our valiant NHS staff reverberated throughout the UK. But the cheers from millions of self-employed workers a few hours earlier were not too far behind on the decibel scale.

This eagerly awaited announcement was exactly what the nation’s self-employed have been patiently waitin...

Understanding the Coronavirus Job Protection Scheme

The first question on everyone’s lips during the coronavirus pandemic is will my loved ones be OK? Or, depending on the person’s disposition, maybe it is, will I be OK? Your health is definitely more important than money but following on from your primary concern your mind will then become inundated with questions about money, or the lack of it.

Where will my next pay check come from and ...

Coronavirus: Help for Welsh businesses

With business owners throughout the country unsure of what the future holds it is reassuring to know that the Welsh Government has pledged to invest almost £1.4 billion to help businesses during the Coronavirus crisis.

You may wonder why businesses in Wales were not included in the initial statement from Chancellor Rishi Sunak but that is due to the fact that business rates and small busi...

Coronavirus and your business

Coronavirus is the only subject that everybody is thinking about at the moment and will probably be for many weeks to come. The uncertainty of what will happen and how it will affect peoples’ lives is alarming to say the least and even more so for business owners.

Contingency planning

There probably isn’t any business sector that is not going to be impacted by ...

Is it time your business had live chat?

Time has always been a precious commodity in all walks of life and that seems even more relevant today in the ever-changing, fast moving, technological world of business.

Where products can be copied by rivals and sold to your target market for less than what you charge, you must be able to differentiate on service to be able to have any sort of competitive edge.

However, every succ...