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Mail Services

Popular with small businesses and startups, a commercial business address can create a great impression with customers and a practical solution for receiving vital business mail.

Mail services are becoming more and more popular, especially with smaller businesses and sole traders who work from home but don’t want their clients to know this - it is pretty obvious when a business address is actually a residential address.

Mail Services Services

Maybe you’re a freelancer who is hot-desking and out meeting clients, and you need a mailbox where you can collect any correspondence when you are out and about.

There are several advantages of using the services of a mailbox provider:

  • A mailbox can give your business more of a professional image. Regardless of how professional you are, a residential address gives prospects the perception of an amateurish outfit.
  • With a business mailbox you can retain your privacy: you won't get customers or cold-callers turning up at your home.
  • Security is another bonus of using a business mailbox.

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  • Convenience: you can collect your mail when it suits you as opposed to waiting at home for the delivery driver to arrive. Also, if you have to move home you can keep the same business address which can save you money by not having to amend any documents, literature or stationery. This also removes the possibility of losing customers, which can happen when changing your business address.

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