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Audio Transcription

Audio transcription services are important for a variety of projects.

Audio Transcription

Audio transcription services are important for a variety of projects.

Long gone are the days when secretaries attended meetings to listen diligently to what every attendee said and made notes before hurrying back to their desk to type them up and have them ready quickly for the directors and managers. This was a tedious and highly skilled role and the secretary was always under pressure to ensure that the notes were accurate and typed within a strict deadline.

Audio Transcription Services

Businesses today ensure the minutes of a meeting are recorded by making either an audio or video recording. The whole process ensures greater accuracy and efficiency than the traditional method of handwritten note-taking. Every attendee of the meeting, and those who couldn’t attend but need to know the outcome, will require a copy of the minutes in the form of a text version and this is where a transcription service delivers.

Transcription of digital audio files is now standard for businesses of all sizes and sectors. A written copy of any meeting, conference or interview is useful as a reference in the future and due to clarity and accuracy is useful to avoid disputes and even legal claims. 

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For small businesses and especially startups it makes commercial sense to outsource all transcription work to a third party. By doing this you receive all the benefits of securing the services of a professional transcribing business without the cost of employing someone in-house to do the specialised work.

Transcribing audio and visual files can be a laborious and time-consuming task. For any SME or startup, resources and time are precious, but by outsourcing the work you can utilise those members of your team more effectively.  

Some of the transcription services available from our experts include:

·      Voicemail

·      Telephone

·      Dictation

·      Conferences

·      Focus groups

·      Podcasts

·      Interviews

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